Semma is a glorious alternative to Rahi

The last 10 years have seen contemporary / modern Indian take over NYC in a truly truly glorious way. It has always made me proud to see these restaurants come up and be loved by Indian, non-Indians, and American-born Indians. Semma opened right after I left NYC and moved to Seattle. (Can’t wait to come…

Indian Accent’s delightful plates

Every Indian Accent plate deserves a post of its own in which case this blog would be filled with more Indian food that I’d like. So let’s look at my latest visit to my favorite Indian restaurant in Manhattan.

Masala Bhindi (Fried Spicy Okra)

Despite being a vegetarian, the only green vegetable I voluntarily eat is Bhindi, aka Okra. Delicious, spicy and decently quick to prepare, it’s one of my favorite. Prepare your dry masala with dry cilantro powder, salt, red chili powder, a hint of chaat masala, Kitchen King masala Slit the okra to and add the masala in…

The best veg lunch spread in US

The bhel was followed by this assorted vegetarian spread, from beans to gravy dishes, to rice and curry. At Bhatti Indian Grill (100 Lexington Ave, 27th Street) NYC.

Amazing Bhel

At NYC, as starters to an pretty good lunch meal at Bhatti Indian Grill (100 Lexington Ave, 27th Street)

Naan & Paneer

A tasty Punjabi meal at Taj Mahal, Syracuse (with Mango lassi)

Mixed vegetable rice

  Frozen vegetables & ready to cook rice with salty yogurt. Cooked by me.  

Gravy potatoes

Home prepared in oil & spices. Garnished with Coriander, cooked by me.