Basic pizza is the best kind

We wanted a pizza for brunch. And she didn’t want to wait for me to take my picture 🤷🏽‍♂️ @paparazzirestaurants in Newbury is good. #boston #bostonfoodies #food #pizza #bostonfood #vegetarian #cheese #foodphoto #thrillistboston #bostoneats #pizzatime #foodblogger #foodies #foodiesofinstagram #chiliflakes via Instagram

Paneer with stuffed spinach and served creatively

Surprised how great this night mode iPhone 11 photo came. @aroqanyc is the newest kid on the modern Indian block and it’s solid option to go to! The paneer was delicious. This photo loons so good that the other food will be posted separately. #food #indian #indianfood #nyc #newyork #nyceats #foodphoto #vegetarian #foodphotography #nycfood #foodnyc…

More Georgian food that’s like Indian food

Oda House in East Village is one of my favorite restaurants. There’s cheese, breads stuffed with potatoes and cheese, dumpling-ish things, yogurt in a earth vessel, and fancy eggs in bread for friends. Here’s what I got on my most recent visit.

Good looking, ok tasting, Pesto Gnocchi

At Patrizia’s Pizza and Pasta, I decided to satisfy my pasta cravings. Ordered the pesto Gnocchi that lacked salt. Good looking plate though, very heavy resulting in me taking in more than half of it home.

An NYC brunch to repeat

Brunch is a part of Manhattan culture, don’t defy it. Be part of it. And then go to Vic’s in NoHo. Found and reserved by my friend, Vic’s has a refreshing sunlit section in addition to a regular seating area. And the food, well, it’s fantastic.

Fine plates of food in Chicago pt. 3: Grilled Cheeses

I was on the Keto diet. Then I visited Chicago and Keto was no more part of my diet. Because once we got through part 1, my friend took me to a bar that had 10-15 different variations of grilled cheeses. How can one be on a diet around a grilled cheese sandwich. This was…