Italian in a scone-ish pocket something

I stumbled across Trapizzino as a new fast casual Italian restaurant and was excited to try it. Italian is a safe bet for me as a vegetarian. And with Trapizzino’s unique serving in a fresh bread scone-like pocket, it had to be tried. Tried, I did. Not going back. The food just tasted bad.

How-to: Quick snack hummus

It took me a while to like hummus and once I started liking it, I can’t have enough of it. I had some cans of garbanzo beans and thought of making it. Here’s the result:

Colorful plate of tacos

Colorful looking plate of passable vegetarian Mexican tacos. Fun sauces though! Restaurant: Óxido

Vegan Lettuce Tacos

Pomegranate Cafe in Phoenix Arizona. Vegan restaurant which was surprisingly fun!  But whatever the main mix was in these lettuce tacos was weird.

An Asian Affair

Over the last 2 years I’ve started liking specific Asian food at very specific Asian restaurants, so I was willing to explore NYC K-town, little did I know that within the packed & crowded street will be a world of Asian street food that is delicious. An Asian food court with a variety of small…

Turkish Delights

It was a “let’s try a new restaurant” night and a friend suggested Sip Sak for some Turkish food. Since then, this is one of my favorites that I take people who want to try something new & different. There a lot of small plates and they’re all delicious. It’s a place you go with…

Unhinged calories birthday binge

Well, burgers and over the top milkshakes are the only good way to celebrate another year of being among the living. Restaurant: Sugar Factory @ Meat Packing, NYC 

Rahi: Mediocre Indian Served In Very Creative Ways

Rahi seemed promising based on its menu but turns out it’s an expensive mediocre restaurant serving food in ways they think they spun into contemporary plates. I will however be giving this restaurant another chance since their menu does sound interesting. Restaurant: Rahi, NYC

Vapiano’s refreshing new menu items

Vapiano is 1 of my go-to restaurants when I want to eat quick, simple and good Italian food. It also happens to be one of my default take a date spots, so new menu items were a welcome change for me. Restaurant: Vapiano, NYC A refreshing caprese salad with mozzarella and a delicious tomato soup

Grape tomatoes on a pizza are a game changer

Whoever thought finding a sit down pizza place in Manhattan would involve 20 blocks of walking since every possible place you come across is packed with 30 minute average wait. Well, that happened. After several Yelp & Foursquare searches and walking from Union Square to Greenwich village, We finally got the least wait at Numero…