Quattro: Avant-garde vegetarian in Bombay

Quattro in Bombay should be an annual pilgrimage The food is that good. The presentation is spectacular. Nothing else matters. And its sister restaurant is equally fantastic.┬áThe name’s Italian but food served is Italian and Mexican. Quattro is the second vegetarian restaurant by the brains behind SpiceKlub, another modernist Indian vegetarian restaurant in Bombay.

Goat cheese, Indian kebab style

Goat cheese is the most versatile food cheese. It can be had many different ways and it never disappoints. It’s delicious every way served. And it was no surprise that Indian Accent presented it in a way that’d make you lean forward to take a bite and then lean back as you let the flavors…

Chipotle-style grab & go noodles

Colorful, flavorful, quick, and easy. Restaurant: minigrow Spinach noodles with shiso basil pesto, tofu, slow cooked tomatoes, sesame cucumbers and sweet onions garnished with scallions and MG spice

Quick-bite sandwiches

This was surprisingly delicious. From celebrity chef Tom Collichio. Restaurant: wichCraft Hummus and veggie sandwich – Hummus, vegetable slaw, roasted tomato jam, cucumber, arugula and tahini dressing on toasted ciabatta bread