Masala Chai Kulfi

It tasted like frozen chai. And it was delicious with caramel popcorn. Restaurant: Veranda, Pali Hill, Mumbai

The Impossible Burger: It looks like the beef burger

The Impossible Burger patty made from plants has made a lot of noise about how close to the beef burger it is. I tried it at Bareburger and it definitely made the burger look like a beef burger. In terms of flavor or texture, I am probably the last person who could answer that since…

Colorful bowl of fries

Fries by themselves are great. Fries as a side to burgers are great. Fries in a bowl with toppings are great. So Bareburger’s adaptation of Pototapia’s concept is great too. Colorful peppers, spicy jalapeƱos, cheese and guac as toppings, these fries looked exciting & were good to munch on while we waited for our burgers.

Chipotle for French Fries – Potatopia

Potatopia shut down in Manhattan and moved to Jersey City. That made me sad. Because they were an exciting spin on regular french fries. Served with a variety of toppings and even baked with additional cheese if you want, it was an unhealthy snack that I enjoyed.

Colorful open-sandwich slices

One of the best aspects of NYC is finding and eating at places that serve healthy, quick, colorful plates of food. Sliced checks all those 3 criteria. What makes this place better is that their menu entices you to come again and trying one of their other open sliced sandwiches. Here’s what I got on…