Fussy Vegetarian was started soon after I moved to the US. As a vegetarian from India, I am used to well cooked vegetarian food that has flavor and spice. Unfortunately, vegetarian in the US has a different meaning. Often confused with Vegan, an Indian vegetarian will have a tough time finding food that has taste and isn’t raw green leafs/leaves topped with some dressing. Despite the personal restriction, I like eating out & trying new cuisines. I keep getting asked, as a vegetarian, what will I eat or what do I eat at restaurants. Through this blog, I answer those questions, at the same time expose vegetarian food that has flavor.

A vegetarian diet isn’t about healthy eating, even vegetarians can be obese (I am not shaming anyone, I’m only trying to make a point). This blog is not focused on the intricacies of cooking but on what vegetarians, that don’t like a lot of raw vegetables, can eat. Some of the things I really really dislike that make ordering difficult:

  • Mushrooms (it’s the chewy texture, color, and the taste, or lack thereof)
  • Brinjal (it’s a childhood thing)
  • Broccoli (how people can eat this baffles me)
  • Vegetable leafs/leaves other than Romaine Lettuce
  • Burger patties made using Soy

Some of my favorite vegetarian dishes are:

  • Punjabi Kadi
  • Paneer Masala (America, seriously, get over Tofu and try Paneer)
  • Dry Spicy Okra (I’ve had Okra prepared in multiple ways, and the way mom cooks it is still the best)
  • Idlis and Sambar (a South Indian combo that is my ideal breakfast. It’s like my boiled eggs/sunny side/egg omelette)

Some fascinating dishes that I’ve come across:

The photos on the blog are shot using my phones through the years (iPhone 8, 7, 6, 5, Lumia 920). The images are mine unless explicitly said otherwise, I have faith in humanity that no one will use the images without credit. All the articles are published via my phone, so excuse the errors, I usually fix them. You can follow Fussy Vegetarian on:

PS: I am Sober Drinker too.

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