Authentic Indian Flavors in Modern New York Plates

Manhattan has no shortage of Indian restaurants but for long, my favorite go-to Indian restaurant has been Vikas Khanna’s Michellin starred restaurant – Junoon. Till recently there wasn’t an Indian restaurant that was in competition. Cue in Indian Accent. There was a lot of excitement around the opening, getting a reservation is a challenge and it has to be an occasion to visit this restaurant.

The post has some menu items from Junoon’s tasting menu and my 2 Indian Accent visits.

My first visit was an absolute taste-buds delight. The plating of the food is exquisite and the flavors are authentic. From what I heard, even the butter they use comes from India. (I did not confirm this, but so I hear.)


Potato sphere chaat

Sweet potato (shakarkandi) with crispy okra

Blue cheese stuffed naan with spicy pumpkin soup

Main course:

Pulled jackfruit phulka (essentially a taco)

Tofu kofta, quinoa pulao, bottle gourd curry

Soy Keema with lime leaf butter pao



Barfi Tart

Makhan Malai (Saffron milk, rose petals, jaggery brittle and almonds)

This looks like a heavy meal in itself but was a sweet soft foam that melts in your mouth.

Besan Ladoo Cheesecake (Never thought that that’d be a combination!)

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