Pav Bhaji Pizza and more

San Jose’s Tasty Subs & Pizza

Pav bhaji pizza on the left half with paneer/pineapples pizza on the right half

This was delicious!

Houston’s Bombay Pizza Co.

Houston is nice city.It’s no New York, but the food scene is definitely worth exploring. A large Indian population means there’ll be a few fusion restaurants. Having been to the popular Pondicheri which was nothing more than an expensive furniture trotting, rich neighborhood restaurant with below average tasting food, it was Bombay Pizza Co. that brought Indian flavors to life on something as simple as a pizza.

1/2 and 1/2 of:

  • Tandoori paneer, peppers, red onion, pickled ginger and mozzarella cheese (the delicious half)
  • Strawberries, onions, tomatoes, nuts, paprika, balsamic, basil and gouda (the not so delicious half)

Definitely recommended place.


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