A Table of Mediterranean Appetizers 

Small plates are fun. When there’s feta cheese in one of the plates, it’s more fun.

Traveling around Irvine, circumstances had me skip lunch which meant I wanted a satisfying dinner. Mexican & Indian were out because I’ve been having it, I turned to Mediterranean.

At Luna Grill, Irvine, I ended up ordering a bit more than I could eat but, desire got the better of me.

1. Lentil Soup

Simple, yet refreshing.

2. Spicy Feta w/ Pita bread

There’s a specific name for this bread, which I don’t remember and can’t find online. This breas was the best pita I’ve had. It was almost like a better version of naan. And with spicy feta, the standout plate.

3. Cilantro hummus

Meh. Like anyother hummus.

4. Veggie quesadilla 

Don’t ask. It wasn’t special either.

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