Semma is a glorious alternative to Rahi

Some fun art, wife says it’s like a boat

The last 10 years have seen contemporary / modern Indian take over NYC in a truly truly glorious way. It has always made me proud to see these restaurants come up and be loved by Indian, non-Indians, and American-born Indians. Semma opened right after I left NYC and moved to Seattle. (Can’t wait to come back if the opportunity arises!) And my subsequent trips always had it booked out.

This trip I was determined and had multiple notifications on Resy for a table. The moment I got a table, I booked it. I had 2 dinners that night because the confirmed dinner had friends involved. I had to eat at Semma and had to meet friends, the 2 couldn’t be clubbed (because Resy/Semma wouldn’t give me a reservation for that many people.)

Needless to say, Semma did NOT disappoint. The food is unapologetically Indian and it is glorious. Semma replaces Rahi and complements Dhamaka. Here are some more photos:

Chilies stuffed with more chilies
Corn pakodas (order a second dosa instead)
Phenomenal dosa!
NA lemonades, can skip, could use more sugar
An off-menu Mango pudding dessert topped with mangoes and rai seeds

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