Rahi: Mediocre Indian Served In Very Creative Ways

Rahi seemed promising based on its menu but turns out it’s an expensive mediocre restaurant serving food in ways they think they spun into contemporary plates. I will however be giving this restaurant another chance since their menu does sound interesting.

Restaurant: Rahi, NYC

1. Rube Goldberg of Indian appetizers:

I have no clue why someone thought this was worth putting on a menu and serving humans. This overly complicated plate is weirdly cooked cucumbers served on ice and topped with dried pineapple. It was horrendous. A 5 year olds plate of creativity is what this plate is. No thank you.

2. Sun-choke Vada covered in coconut

Blah. The tamarind chutney was good & it reminded me of the original potato vada pav.

3. Baingan ka bartha served as an appetizer

It was alright but my appetite was dead by now. Also, for what it’s worth, eggplant should only be served as an appetizer, that’s the right quantity for this vegetable.

4. Desserts

No redemption for Rahi here.

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