Marriott had the stand-out food during Dubai trip

2018 NYE was skydiving in Dubai. Coupled with a desert safari, lights show at the Burj, and walking around theme parks. Food wasn’t exactly on the 3 day 2 night trip agenda. I did not expect Marriott’s Lapita Resorts to have a lavish breakfast spread (like Marriotts in India), so I was pleasantly surprised that they did. The whole 9-yards of Marriott breakfast buffet spreads. The standout was their middle-eastern bread. Being Dubai and all.

The bread being prepared:

Prepared bread ready for consumption:

A lot of labneh to make the said zatar bread better:

We ended up getting ourselves a table full of fresh, good tasting global cuisines:

  1. Cereal
  2. Indian rice, bread, and beans
  3. Waffles with Nuttela
  4. Continental breads
  5. Pineapple fried rice


Oh and, other things done while in Dubai included:

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  1. A desert safari which included an edible dinner in the desert
  2. Jumping off a plane from 13,000 ft
  3. Legoland Dubai (Free entry to theme parks courtesy Lapita)
  4. Lights show at Burj Khalifa to ring in 2018

Some more pictures of the Marriott:

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