Indian-Mexican Mexican

At Tiqri – Taj Santacruz in Mumbai. Overall good food and terrible service.

The Mexican Platter:

  1. Mini tacos: These were cute and were 1-bite fun snack
  2. Chips and salsa, sour cream, guac: Meh
  3. Mexican roll: The small triangular things between the tacos and the chips — another 1-bite and done snack which were fun
  4. Habanero punch: This is what you get when there’s an Indo-Mexican fusion. This sweet and spicy, and weird.

Tres Leches:

This looked nice tasted good for most parts except it kept hitting us with more than needed salt. (Salt in desserts isn’t unexpected, it was just more than needed.)

  1. We ordered some other Indian appetizers from the menu
  2. Jaitooni Paneer Tikka (pictured below): These were delicious!
  3. Dahi ke kebab (not pictured since the plating was stunningly bland): These, too, were delicious!

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