Indian Accent pt. 2

I can’t have enough of Indian Accent in NYC. It is by far my favorite restaurant. Delicious Indian flavors in very impressive, extremely Instagram-able plating, you are bound to have a memorable experience.

Here are some new plates I tired earlier this year:

bengal rice khichdi, crispy lentils, smoked papad

Khichdi is not supposed to exciting but Indian Accent somehow pulled it off in style:

Beet and peanut butter tikki with goat cheese raita

It wasn’t as interesting as it sounded but good. Don’t think that I’ll order it again though.

winter root vegetables, sarson ka saag, fenugreek tart

I’m traditionally not a fan of saag (blended greens) so I thought it was worth giving it a try at Indian Accent if they could change my mind. They sort of were able to.

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