3 Nights, 10 Southern Flavors pt. 1

(Part 1 of 2 parts: 3 Nights, 10 Southern Flavors pt. 2)

Having heard nothing but good things about North Carolina, I was looking forward to my first trip to Southern US. I knew what I wanted to try and my team member had some recommendations too. We had our work cut out. We had our lists and we had a limited number of meals between meetings.

It had to start with Mac n Cheese.

Night 1: Poole’s in Raleigh

We took a recommendation from the locals for the restaurant and it hit the right spot – the soul. It was soul food. The restaurant was a fascinating chic-diner with me standing over couples on their dates so I could read the menu on the chalkboard.

Night 2: Mother & Sons Trattoria

The second night we went to a restaurant that came with very high recommendations. Our visit was more about seeing whether the friend who recommended the place was to be trusted. And damn, was he accurate in his description. Mother & Sons Trattoria in Durham is exceptional.

  1. Herbed Potatoes:

2. The exceptional Gnocchi:

It melted in my mouth and this picture doesn’t do justice to the plating.

3. The Mac n Cheese:


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