Only restaurant I revisit when in DC

I’ve been to DC 4 times, I’ve visited this restaurant 3 of those times. I found The Bombay Club through my normal web searches the first time & enjoyed the food. On my second trip a few years later, I searched for some restaurants, picked 1 (at random), went there, and realized I had been there on my last trip. My second visit to The Bombay Club was great.

Now it’s become a thing. If in DC, go to the Bombay Club. Is it exceptional food, maybe not. But it’s the thali and the ambience that I like. It is my simple pleasure. Their vegetarian thali comes with 5 dishes, raita, south Indian rice, and bread. Everything is good. Paneer, carrot peas, saag (only place where I ate all of it. Ever), curry potatoes, and daal makhni:

On my latest visit, I ordered their dessert sampler. And I wasn’t disappointed:

Gajjar halwa, gulab jamun, kheer, and rabdi:

My next DC trip, I’ll most likely visit again.

Bonus: it’s close to the White House so not a bad place to go after walking around like a tourist.

I will point out that they charged me $4 for 2 slices onions and a few green chillies. That’s sort of lame for a white tablecloth dining place to do that. Onions with Indian food is expected, not an add-on “side.”

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