When a chef takes vegetarian lunch seriously

Restaurant: abcv NYC

Chef: Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Shallot and herb labneh, and sunchoke chips

Labneh is always refreshing, hard not to get right, light, and the perfect appetizer. The chips had more oil than I’d like but with the cucumbers, it worked.

Roasted Cauliflower drizzled with sauces, jalapaenos and a variety of herbs. It was great but a little too much in portion. Bright colors and visually very exciting!

Dosa with yogurt, and avocado sprouts salad

The dosa was spot on. The texture and flavors were as good as at a South Indian restaurant. I had never had dosa with a yogurt sauce till at abcv, and it was amazing. The salad added some needed flair.

Avocado lettuce cups, toasted cumin, serrano and lime, pepitas (i.e., pumpkin)


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