Photogenic Indian Food

I’ve had this article in my drafts for a while, somehow I never got to complete it as this night we my family met with an accident. Somehow with God’s graces we walked away safely.

Anyhow, with the year-end coming around I am publishing this so I can do a roundup post about some of the fascinating food I’ve had this year.

On my last trip to India, I went to a restaurant in South Bombay with high hopes. SpiceKlub is a vegetarian restaurant with focus on taking international food concepts and regular Indian food to come up with creative servings of delicious food. So without a lot of text and context here’s the food:

Chutneys and pickles served cutting chai:

Chaat appetizer with green chutney foam (whoever thought of chutney as foam?! Genius!)

Paneer pakroas that look like buttons

Pav Bhaji Fondue (1. genius; 2. delicious af!)

Vegetable and Beetroot Spheres!

Lassi. Yes, this is lassi. Edible lassi.

Rabdi Panacota

Liquid Nitrogen Bubbling Kulfi (I love kulfi. I’ve never loved kulfi more! The toppings, the science, the serving!)

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