Quattro: Avant-garde vegetarian in Bombay

Quattro in Bombay should be an annual pilgrimage

The food is that good. The presentation is spectacular. Nothing else matters. And its sister restaurant is equally fantastic. The name’s Italian but food served is Italian and Mexican. Quattro is the second vegetarian restaurant by the brains behind SpiceKlub, another modernist Indian vegetarian restaurant in Bombay.

1. Dips

It all starts with a colorful assortment of dips or chutneys:


2. Risotto Palle: A combination of signature cream risotto and cheese, crumbled and fried, served with chili oil pipettes

Keeping true to an Italian name, the appetizer is the restaurant’s spin on risotto balls with spicy oil to infuse in the balls as you eat them. Fun, well presented, delicious:

3. Cottage cheese and olive tapanades with jalapeno foam served with mango spheres

This took my breath away with each bite.

4. Random mocktail

In between of all this, we ordered a mocktail that was of course served with liquid nitrogen. It tasted refreshing and fruity

5. Caprese di Quattro

Basil leaf, pesto noodles, cherry toamtoes, mozarella spheres, all of this topped with balsamic vinaigrette pearls. Amazing.

6. Dessert: Melting Saturn

The dessert was delicious. The presentation was everything you’d see in a viral Instagram post. A careful examination would point out that the hot liquid chocolate wasn’t smooth but lumpy. Nonetheless, a great end to a fun meal.

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