The Tikka Masala Pasty

My visit to a good friend in Tempe, AZ was long overdue. When it happened he knew the places we’d be going for food. We went to a place called Cornish Pasty, beautiful tshirt weather while New York faced the brutal winter winds; it was perfect. I was taken there to try one of their vegetarian Pasty (a baked pastry). Named the vegetarian chicken tikka masala pasty, it was a soy based pasty. A British place with Indian food, it can’t go wrong. They ruled us for long enough to know our food. The pasty was delicious and filling. It tasted as expected – paneer tikka masala styled soy cubes in the pastry. Love the place, good place, nice weather and good company – that’s what makes a good brunch in my books. Thank you Sameer and Shreya.

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