The Chocolate Cookie Milk Shot

While I was oblivious to the Cronut revolution started by Dominique Ansel, his latest creation made it to my reading list since, well, SXSW is where he unveiled it. A shot of milk in a chocolate cookie shot glass sounds so delicious that you’d instantly want one even though you’ll question the fact that you won’t have any milk left for the cookie.


When I learned that this was now available at his New York bakery, I wanted to try it. And I did. After standing in line for an hour and a half, the $6 for two shots were unimpressive to say the least. They were definitely not worth the wait. As I walked to the table I was watching the milk leak through 1 of the cookie shot glass – it was as if my enthusiasm seeped through along with the milk. I was sad and disappointed.


The second glass held up and I drank the milk, then there was nothing. I was left with a cookie that I couldn’t eat since it had egg. I was left unimpressed. I was disappointed.

Verdict: The Dominique Ansel milk shot in a chocolate cookie shot glass is imaginative, yet underwhelming.

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