Hacking an amazing snack at 7 Eleven

On a fine cold winter afternoon, I ventured out for brunch with friends. Coordinating a meeting between friends is challenging but if you get out of a subway next to a 7-11, you walk in to beat the cold. As the wait grows, you tend to look around for a quick snack. I glanced around the store with several enticing options but did not want to kill my hunger for brunch. It was in that moment that my eyes glanced to a packet of Lays in a color I had not seen before. Lays Lime, it sounded delicious – tangy and sour with the crisp lays, sounded just like what I wanted.


Picked and paid for I took my first chip, it was what I expected. Tangy, sour and delicious. And it then struck to me, that 7-11 has free liquid cheese and assortments meant for nachos. A little cheese with onions and tomatoes this would turn into a desi chaat!




It was delicious, cheap and the best part, the feeling of using free ingredients.

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