Tomatoes Stuffed with Chickpeas


At my weekend New York City trip I went across the Hudson to new jersey to meet a few friends. The impromptu lunch was at a Mexican restaurant called Boca Grande.

The restaurant has a separate vegetarian menu which I believe is because of the huge Indian population in Jersey. glancing through the menu a dish called stuffed tomatoes with cheese and chickpeas caught my eyes and I went for it not knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised.

The dish was 2 tomatoes cut in half and each half stuffed with chickpeas and cheese. The dish was surrounded with a salsa like tomato sauce and accompanied with a serving of black beans and rice.

Spicy and tangy tomatoes, the garbanzo beans tasted like the North Indian dish called Chole.

I loved what I had. The rice and black bean soup helped with balancing the tangy and tomato overload on the palette.

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