More Georgian food that’s like Indian food

Oda House in East Village is one of my favorite restaurants. There’s cheese, breads stuffed with potatoes and cheese, dumpling-ish things, yogurt in a earth vessel, and fancy eggs in bread for friends. Here’s what I got on my most recent visit.

1. MATSONI QOTANSHI: Homemade Georgian style yogurt served in clay pot with cucumbers, tarragon and Georgian bread. During summers, this is probably as refreshing a snack can get.

In India, this is matke mein dahi with a cucumber salad. Refreshing. We’d never ever call it a soup though. This is lart of most Indian meals.

2. MEGRULI: Homemade imeruli & sulguni cheese melted inside yougurt dough, baked with extra cheese on top.

In India known as paratha stuffed with cheese. This was delicious. Looks like a pizza and is a paratha, I can order this on every visit.

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  1. nafiseseyedbagher says:

    wow so simple and great i really love those

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