An NYC brunch to repeat

Brunch is a part of Manhattan culture, don’t defy it. Be part of it. And then go to Vic’s in NoHo. Found and reserved by my friend, Vic’s has a refreshing sunlit section in addition to a regular seating area. And the food, well, it’s fantastic.

1. Focaccia, tomato, ricotta, pecorino

2. Escarole, hazelnuts, feta, shallots

The partially pictured salad was amongst the best salads I’ve had. The focaccia topped with cheese and tomato dip was delicious.

3. Crispy Yukon Gold Potatoes

These potatoes were not your basic potatoes. There was a slightly sour dip at the bottom which made these potatoes flavorful. The light salt gave it the kick needed. Too heavy and dry after the first few though.

4. Tomato Pizza: Basil, mozzarella, pecorino

This pizza was served and eaten within a few minutes.

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