Fine plates of food in Chicago pt. 3: Grilled Cheeses

I was on the Keto diet. Then I visited Chicago and Keto was no more part of my diet. Because once we got through part 1, my friend took me to a bar that had 10-15 different variations of grilled cheeses. How can one be on a diet around a grilled cheese sandwich. This was followed by 2 more restaurants where I had cheese sandwiches.

  1. Cheesies Pub & Grub

A sports bar with people drinking beer and watching sports; clean tables weren’t part of the decor but the grilled cheese sandwiches are fantastic. 2 separate sandwiches below:

  • The Popper: Cheddar cheese, cream cheese, cheddar sauce, fresh jalapeño slices on sour dough bread. DIPPING SAUCE – SPICY CHIPOTLE MAYO

2. Grilled cheese and tomato soup @ The Hutch American CafeThis place was an interesting find. My friend hadn’t been here before, I was along for the adventure. Selecting what to order was very confusing. Between the black bean burger, and a flatbread with avocado, truffle cheese, cilantro, or the Hutch fries. I ended up with the grilled cheese and tomato soup. Sometimes simple is better.3. Pesto Caprese @ Tap &Pour ORD Gate B7Yes, a caprese sandwich is in my grilled cheese list. It was grilled and had cheese. Maybe it was hunger but the pesto, tomatoes and the mozzarella, was so good that I gorged through this sandwich.

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