An Asian Affair

Over the last 2 years I’ve started liking specific Asian food at very specific Asian restaurants, so I was willing to explore NYC K-town, little did I know that within the packed & crowded street will be a world of Asian street food that is delicious.

An Asian food court with a variety of small shops serving filling, hot, ramen or rice with tofu or vegetables, meals perfect for the winters.

Restaurant: Food Gallery 32, NYC

1. Cheese Ramen @ MadNoodle

The way it was served was very fascinating. A plastic wrap on a hot steel bowl. This was basic spicy ramen topped with 2 slices of cheese:

2. Vegetable curry over rice @ Kobeque

The curry was good, the fried tofu mixed into the currymade it better. Pieces of picked radish made it great:

3. Soft tofu with veggies hot pot @ Korea House

This was probably the most exciting looking and therefore the most disappointing of the lot. It simply tasted bad, it lacked salt.

4. Desserts:

Custard or nutella filled fish shaped cooked batter. These were super disappointing because the ratio of batter to filling was way off.

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