Turkish Delights

It was a “let’s try a new restaurant” night and a friend suggested Sip Sak for some Turkish food. Since then, this is one of my favorites that I take people who want to try something new & different. There a lot of small plates and they’re all delicious. It’s a place you go with friends because you’ll want to order all these.

Restaurant: Sip Sak, NYC

Side note, get the Hot Yoghurt Soup when there, it was splendid. But not very photogenic.

Borek: Crispy phyllo rolls, crumbled feta cheese & dill

Grilled halloumi

Braised Red Kidney Bean Pilaki: Carrots, yukon gold potatoes & celery root

Cacik (in White below): Creamy yogurt, shaved cucumber, garlic & mint

Muhammara (in Red below): Roasted hot red peppers, walnuts & cumin


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