Grilled Vegetables, Japanese Style

At Inakaya in NYC, I had a very delightful Japanese lunch. Often associated with fish, meat, and disgusting boiled vegetables, I was pleasantly surprised to see their menu having a unique cooked vegetables section. It’s what you think, a select vegetables, not boiled but grilled and served directly on a long wooden thing.

Here’s some very spicy shishito peppers with butter:

Here’s Okra with some lime:

I got some potatoes too, those with some Japanese spice mix were amazing.

My favorite, however, was the Mochi ice cream here. A very unique presentation where the mochi is in layers with ice cream in between, topped with sugar and drizzled with liquid chocolate. A hidden strawberry and some berries on the side. I was watching Apple launching the iPhone X throughout my lunch but stopped to enjoy this amazing dessert.

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