Summer Restaurant: Atla

When summer 2017 finally did arrive, I found Atla through Foursquare. It seemed like the fresh summer restaurant that’ll have some fun small plates and be a relaxing brunch with friends restaurant​. And Atla is all of that. While this blog post has been in my drafts for almost 2 months and with Fall here, this seems like a good place to revisit.

The colorful looking and filling Avocado toast:

Quinoa and pico de gallo salad with cucumber and mint yogurt: This thing was delightful and refreshing!

Split pea tlacoyo: Slightly underwhelming but good. I had no idea what a tlacoyo was but this needed some spice and salt.

Herb Guacamole: Limited in quantity with a huge very hard to break, salt-lacking tortilla chip

Orejas: This flaky sweet bread was as expected, learned something new. Oreja means ears and this bread is expected to be in the shape of ears.


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