No one does dessert better than Koreans

If you want ice cream dessert in NYC, there is no better place than any of the Korean dessert places.

They have great decor, fun presentations, and it’s dessert!

1. Shaved strawberry ice cream w/ Lichi | Location: Dessert Kitchen

2. Vanilla and Mango shaved ice w/ bananas |  Location: Grace Street

3. Hodduk! | Location: Grace Street

Dough filled with brown sugar, covered in sugar, it’s all sugar.


4. Dessert Tapas | Location: Spot Dessert

COCONUT MONKEYBREAD cinnamon flaxseed bread, brown sugar syrup, coconut crumble, coconut ice cream with basil seeds

YUZU ESKIMO: frozen japanese citrus cream bar, chocolate ganache, strawberries, oreo crumbs


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