Vapiano – A Great Date Restaurant In NYC

Disclaimer: This post is based on a fictitious premise of a potential first date. Unfortunately my Tinder success rate isn’t even 1/10th that of my friends.

Based on what I learned through TV, the first few conversations end up defining you, if you’re funny and nice, or boring and dull. In such situations conversations would need to be thoughtful. At a date, food would probably be the best conversation starter if there’s no other – bear in mind, I say this with no experience, hence the use of multiple “woulds”.

The Food

Vapiano is a very interesting place in the middle of Union Square. It’s an Italian restaurant with stations to order food – a concept giving you a chance to get to know your date’s preferences which give you enough topics to talk about, and the ambiance sets the mood for nice conversations. You can choose not to have meat added or simply choose from the various vegetarian options. The food is simple, good and made in front of you, with options and portions just right to help you decide and not confuse you.

Pizza @ Vapiano

The Location

It’s not just that Vapiano has good Italian food, the location works in your (and Vapiano’s) favor – the middle of Union Square. There’s Regal 14 a block away for a movie before dinner. Alternately, there’s Bowlmore Lanes and Greenwich Country Club another block away – for a game of mini-golf or bowling. To top it off, there’s Max Brenner for dessert! And being Union Square, it’s easy to reach through subway and find.


  • Good Italian food
  • Great concept for starting conversations
  • Movie, bowling or mini golfing before or after dinner
  • Max Brenner for dessert
  • Easy to reach

If this combination doesn’t work on a first date, I don’t think I can succeed at one. Ever.

Custom Pasta @ Vapiano

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