Snapshot of why “Vegetarian food” in US just tastes bad


Unfortunately for people who like eating food and are vegetarian, US has very little to offer unless you try Mexican, Indian and maybe find that 1 vegan dish that you accidentally like. Then again Vegan food tastes bad. I was at an artisanal soup shop and saw a book on how to cook vegetarian food. As I looked through it, the ingredients page confirmed what I have believed. US doesn’t know about the good ingredients that make vegetarian food delicious and flavorful.

Cilantro, turmeric, cumin seeds, cilantro powder, scallions are just some of the ingredients that can make any food taste delicious. Perhaps some goddamn salt (have you heard of rock salt?). For some reason the attention paid to grilling and cooking chicken tenders or BBQ chicken or beef for burgers is just not associated with vegetarian food. Why? Nobody knows, perhaps the myth that vegetarian food is healthy food enforces these practices. If only vegetarian food was as healthy as raw vegetables.

Ingredients like zucchini, arugula and parsley only make potentially decent vegetarian food into bad tasting chunks of stuff.

For once try cottage cheese in place of tofu. Please. Potatoes and cottage cheese are the substitutes that America needs to adopt in place soy ( and tofu (we.ird). Mcdonalds most popular burger in India is the McAloo tikki which is basically mashed potato croquette, it’s so simple that it’s delicious! Given that McDonalds consumes insane amounts of potatoes for fries, they can definitely make these!

In the meantime, keep following Fussy Vegetarian for what little options we have.

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