The humble tray

When I moved to New York, I made several trips to the Brooklyn Ikea finding and picking up things for my room at a tight budget. On one trip, moving towards the checkout stations I was forced to buy a tray. A $3 piece of plastic that I had no intention of buying. What would a single guy living with roommates and not at home for 5 out of 7 days, dining out, seldom cooking do with a tray; what was the point?

But my friend picked it up saying I’ll need it. I was tired and it was $3 added to $150, I bought it. 8 months later, this tray has been my best investment ever.

For someone who likes to eat food in bed and on a couch, the tray can hold a large plate, a few bowls, a bottle of water, all in a single tray. Keep it on your legs while sitting on a couch or a bed or on a table, the tray just makes it extremely simple.

And when you’re done, keep all the utensils in a corner, all on 1 plastic slab — the tray.

The tray is my best investment.

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