A Crave-Satisfying NYC Dinner Adventure

After traveling to Concord, NH for the week, coming back to NYC for the weekend means you get to eat real food. A few weeks ago, each day in Concord gave me a craving for something specific in NYC. That weekend, I decided to execute on those cravings. 1 dinner completed at 4 different restaurants. Yes, for 1 dinner I took my friends around New York.

Stop 1: Tortaria

This Mexican restaurant, walking distance from Union Square is usually busy during evenings. You find your own table, which often includes standing and peeking your neck around for 15 minutes. Their Guac and spicy fries are why I was there:

Spicy Fries and Guac @ Tortaria NYC
Spicy Fries and Guac @ Tortaria NYC

Stop 2: Max Brenner

It’s a restaurant for when you desire chocolate. ’nuff said. And I wanted some hot chocolate. They use melted chocolate to make their hot chocolate. No syrup, no powder, real chocolate.

Stop 3: Thelewala

Spicy street food, it’s what we Indians live for. Thelewala is in the NYU party area of Bleecker and McDougal. Thelewala isn’t necessarily the best place for street food, neither is it better than Kati Roll Company (right across the street), but they’re quick, hassle-free for chaat:

Bhel @ Thelewala
Bhel @ Thelewala

Stop 4: Forbidden Fruit

If you ask me, this is a gem for dessert. It’s simple, it’s quick, and delicious. Fresh fruit covered with chocolate and most of all, cheap.

4 restaurants, 1 dinner and sporting friends, I’d say a well-spent evening in NYC.

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  1. How about the halal cart at 53rd and 6th (http://53rdand6th.com). They are awesome but they start selling at 7 pm all the way to 2-3 am. You won’t miss it because of the long line. I have my trick. They give it to the taxi cab first. So, if the line is too long I will catch a cab and get him to buy one for me and one for the driver ;) (I like the lamb/beef more than the chicken.)

    1. manan says:

      Ah yes, some of my meat loving friends like it! It’s a pretty neat trick that you’ve found out.

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