Best Tomato Soup I’ve Had: Sopa de Tortilla


During my New York Ciy trip the weekend before, I visited a Mexican restaurant called Toloache. The restaurant was very interesting; the following posts will highlight why. Since I had a 5 hour bus ride coming up, I decided to eat light and my main course was soup and a serving of Rice & Beans.

The restaurant had a separate vegetarian menu and in addition to the ambiance, I was already liking the place a lot. I ordered the only vegetarian soup on the menu, the Sopa de Tortilla–a tomato soup. A huge bowl of rather weird decorations as pictured above, the soup blew my mind.

I’ve had and heard of creamy tomato soup but never had a tomato soup that had cheese so smooth that it was like cream. This was way better since, well, it was cheese. (I believe it was the Chihuahua cheese, a Mexican specialty).The soup had strips of tortilla and these were definitely way better than the usual croutons we get.

This soup was expensive but worth it.

PS: I can’t seem to find my picture of the soup, the one above was clicked and shared on Instagram by @Recebral77.

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