Paneer Kati Roll (home made)

So over the weekend I was in the City and visited The Kati Roll Company. Their small, inexpensive, late night rolls come close to perfection. Now that I’m back in Syracuse, some friends in the City went to the Kati Roll Company and told me about it. I was disappointed in them. I then decided to make myself some kati rolls at home for dinner. My experiment was surprising successful with some strategic decisions.

Making the roll was four different processes:

Prepare the paneer:

  • Add cumin seeds, ginger garlic paste and finely chopped onions to oil and heat
  • Now add very little tomato puree and stir it
  • Add quite a bit of tomato paste and let this mix heat (this is important. Paste makes the mix thick instead of the gravy we get with puree)
  • Add paneer cubes and spices
  • Leave this for quite some time till the while thing looks like this:


Sautéd vegetables:

In a separate pan add a little oil and fry some long chopped peppers and onion

Prepare the roti:

Get frozen paranthas, apply butter on them
Put some butter in a pan and heat the parantha

Now the fourth step is to put all of this together:

  • On the roti put some pudhina (green) chutney 
  • Put some chopped fresh red onions
  • Add the paneer and sautéd vegetables
  • Squeeze some lemon juice
  • Wrap it up


And that people is your paneer kati roll. You can replace the Paneer with desi style Tater Tots for Aloo Kati Rolls.

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