American Pav Bhaji: Mashed Potatoes Desi Style


FYI, Pav is a bread. Now…

I felt like cooking on a Tuesday. I get this kick every few days and I walk in my kitchen like an executive chef—a man on a mission—pan in one hand and a knife in the other. My kitchen usually has the basic vegetables—those that I can consume without throwing up (Onions, Potatoes, Green Pepper, and Tomatoes). I was wondering what I should cook because there are only so many ways you can cook all of these together with some spices. I peeked in my cabinet and found a box of instant mashed potatoes I picked at Wegmans. And I had my next dish—the American version of Pav Bhaji. The end result was different to what I predicted and was surprisingly good. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Heat vegetable oil
  2. Add Giner Garlic paste and Cumin seeds, let it heat
  3. Add Tomato Basil paste
  4. Add finely chopped onions and let the stuff heat
  5. Chop a Tomato and add the whole thing, including the center juciy part
  6. Add some salt and let this heat
  7. Introduce the mashed potato powder and water (proportions are all on your judgement)
  8. Add Garam Masala, Salt, Red Chilli powder and Dhania powder, according to taste
  9. Stir well, add chopped Green Pepper and Onion
  10. Add some Tomato ketchup
  11. Let this mix heat
  12. Once done, garnish with fresh corriander

Now, we prepare the bread.

  1. Heat a pan with butter
  2. Heat both sides of a sliced bread

To serve, stuff the mashed potato matter between two slices of bread and enjoy. Here’s what it should look like:


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