The perfect vegetarian À la carte home cooked


She invited us to dinner once and then she had to again; we made her invite us again. The spread had more vegetarian options since non-vegetarians can eat veg food but not the other way (I have to address this issue in another post too). Bhindi (Okra) was the new item on th menu. (It’s the only green thing I voluntarily eat since childhood.) Then there was the daal, paneer and aloo tikki. Looking gorgeous from the outside, the Okra and paneer were as good inside. Garnished with green chillies to warn us perhaps that beauty comes at a price. I could almost feel my tastebuds going in overdrive, the expectations of how the food would be when I eat were rising. The expectations were exceeded.

I’ve eaten a lot of Indian vegetarian meal but somehow there’s always something that makes me fussy, three dinners at her place and each time I relished the food, reminded of how awesome vegetarian food back in the northern parts of my subcontinent is. A day on her toes for us, literally and figuratively, she wouldn’t eat what she prepared while we were around, taking in all the good things we had to say about the food. Thank you Sadaf.

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