Pizza Bagel


Cosmos at Marshall Street is one of those cliched retaurants you see in Hollywood movies. It is cost effective and has a lot of options. For a vegetarian though, they’re limited. I usually prefer the Fries with Cheese sauce and a Veggie Melt sandwich (without Mushrooms and Broccoli). But having had that one too many times this week, I needed something else. I’ve been avoiding pizzas from at fast food restaurants since they suck. All that a vegetarian can get are garlic or cheese slices or have some broccoli and mushrooms as toppings. Bagels are interesting American food, you get them flavored, with condiments or plain, heated or cold with cream or vegetables. They’re essentially like sliced bread, but round.

The Cosmos menu had Bagel Pizza and I decided to give it a try. What came was a bagel with 2 slices of cheese, a little heated and the pizza sauce (it was Marinara sauce for all I can tell). It was an interesting change but really very uncomfortable to eat. Since the cheese in the bagel was heated a bit and had oil, the sauce kept dripping out. It was challenging to eat it with any sauce inside or on my hands.

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