Mediterranean Cheese Love Fest

So much cheese in so many different ways. Everything was delicious. It was a dimly lit restaurant making it difficult to get good pictures. I did my best. Restaurant: Kashkaval Gardens, NYC Spicy-sweet Peppers Stuffed With Feta/mint & Goat Cheese/basil

Authentic Indian Flavors in Modern New York Plates

Manhattan has no shortage of Indian restaurants but for long, my favorite go-to Indian restaurant has been Vikas Khanna’s Michellin starred restaurant – Junoon. Till recently there wasn’t an Indian restaurant that was in competition. Cue in Indian Accent. There was a lot of excitement around the opening, getting a reservation is a challenge and…

Pav Bhaji Pizza and more

San Jose’s Tasty Subs & Pizza Pav bhaji pizza on the left half with paneer/pineapples pizza on the right half This was delicious! Houston’s Bombay Pizza Co. Houston is nice city.It’s no New York, but the food scene is definitely worth exploring. A large Indian population means there’ll be a few fusion restaurants. Having been to the popular Pondicheri which…

A Table of Mediterranean Appetizers 

Small plates are fun. When there’s feta cheese in one of the plates, it’s more fun. Traveling around Irvine, circumstances had me skip lunch which meant I wanted a satisfying dinner. Mexican & Indian were out because I’ve been having it, I turned to Mediterranean.

Falafel in more than 1 flavor

Taïm in NYC was an accidental find which turned out to be a really good find.  As a fussy vegetarian, Mediterranean food is one of the cuisines that I like. Till Taïm, falafel were simple balls of chickpeas to me. However at Taïm there are 3 flavors of falafel: Green: cilantro, parsley & mint Harissa:…

Italian Supper

Italian dinner at a cozy New York City Italian restaurant

Georgian Dumplings: Khinkalis

Cold, a bit chewy, not fried or baked, these are Georgian dumplings. Or Khinkalis filled with cheese. You can get these with meat fillings too.