Hemant Oberoi: Bombay’s Finest Fine Dining pt. 2

This is part 2 of the Hemant Oberoi dinner experience. Here’s where things start getting much better. (Hemant Oberoi: Bombay’s Finest Fine Dining pt. 1)

6. Whipped polenta spheres with Pecorino

The first of our main course this colorful Italian plate for polenta was heavy and delicious:

7. Kumpir Potato with Mature Cheddar

These were too simple and don’t why they are on the menu. It’s a potato stuffed with cheese and served with salsa ingredients. Why? Kumpir Potato sounded so cool on the menu.

8. 4 ways Parmesan (4 different textures of Parmesan)

You can’t go wrong with cheese. And like the polenta, this was heavy and delicious too.

9. Chocolate shawarma 💩

The best plate of food for the night. Another theatrical presentation where they brought out a cart with a portable shawrma machine and shaved the chocolate cake off of the shawarma grill (video below).

10. Rose petal ice cream – churned in house

The Chocolate shawarma was served with a rose petal ice cream. Both these desserts were amazingly good.

If I was to compare my experience at Hemant Oberoi BKC to another restaurant in the same league that was a block away – Masala Library, I’d go to Masala Library. (All the creative food I had at Masala Library.)

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