Vegetarian Brunch For Every Saturday


Good tasting, repeatable vegetarian brunch is a challenge. Chefs are stumped to go beyond eggs and bacon when it comes to brunch. But not at The Smith. The Smith is probably one of the best brunch spots in NYC. So much so that there exists a list of brunch places that are like The Smith but not the Smith. To my friends who introduced me to The Smith (Farida and Niki), thank you; you’re amazing. 

I have a standard order that starts with a side of fries, shishito peppers, and Burrata that comes with roasted tomato sofrito, marinated piquillo peppers, arugula:

The best part about brunch at The Smith is the creamy, delicious tomato soup covered with thick gooey cheese:

The feeling of satisfaction to dip the spoon through the layer of cheese into the tomato soup makes the frustrations of a hectic week vanish.


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