NYC foodies: Seamless hack


If you’re in NYC, you probably have heard and used and regret the amount of food you order through Seamless. It’s a pleasure and a guilt. We’ve all been there. Here’s a way that you can save $$ based on what device you use to order.

Over the past few months, Seamless has gotten expensive. Some restaurants inflate their prices, the minimum order required has been increased, many restaurants now charge a delivery fee. And you have to pay a tip on top of it. Seriously?! Now, I’ve been using the phone app and website frequently and soon realized that ordering through the website is more expensive than the phone app. Here’s me ordering while working on my laptop:

As you can see, the minimum of $12 does not include tip, has to be an order total. I added a soda and still wasn’t meeting the total. Now here’s me with the same order on my phone:

As you can see, without soda, I still hit my minimum. Thank you, Seamless phone developers; you are the heroes the food world needs. 

So order using the phone app, not the website. Side note, no plug, the lunch special from Chawlas 2 was good.

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