The best flatbread pizza I’ve ever had

And of all the places, it was at Ruby Tuesday.

The chicken flatbread pizza with cilantro and onions without the chicken sounded like a safe option but what came was an explosion of taste as I ate it. What made it so delicious was the barbeque sauce.

I ordered a side of mango salsa to top the pizza with for flavor since I wasn’t expecting the barbeque sauce to be so good on a pizza. Turns out, adding mango salsa only added to the combination of flavor I felt with each bite.

It would be a crime for me not to share this with vegetarians who like some flavor in their food

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  1. reeteshinator says:

    That’s one good serving size!

    BTW, have you tried Red Robin? That’s one place that I was surprised to see had so many vegetarian (burger) options. Became go-to place for many occasions.

  2. reeteshinator says:

    Tried it out and yes it was good! I actually don’t like BBQ sauce, but it had only very little of it. So it didn’t taste all that bad to me.

    Not too heavy either. I went in thinking I would have some left over to go for dinner too :P

    Super thin flat bread it was. Felt a bit guilty eating all that cheese but oh well, something like this every now and then doesn’t matter.

    Also, am a crazy fan of cilantro :p might go again sometime to try out the other 2 flatbread stuff.

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