Not for Vegetarians: Chili’s Grill & Bar


This is a restaurant known for its meat. A little bit a American and a little bit of Mexican come together at this place and my friend Farhad Patel (aka rich Parsi) craved for their ribs, and I tagged along. It was tough finding something vegetarian here but then I settled for the most basic Mexican dish: fajita veggies and tortillas. The top right image is peppers and onion sautéd, the left image is like a salad with raw vegetables, guacamole and cream.

I did not enjoy my food here. Not a place for vegetarians. I did, however, like the cinnamon apples that Farhad got with his ribs. I called dibs on them. They were delicious. Besides that, there’s nothing for vegetarians. Highly unlikely that I’ll be going back.

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