Delicious Veg Thali @ Taste of India


While most reviews of the restaurant were negative, a new Indian restaurant in Syracuse had to be visited. Buffet seem to be an option at all Indian restaurants in the US (at least in NYC & Syracuse, even in Anaheim, CA). I convinced two friends to accompany me at the not-buffet time which is less expensive and has more options. Unfortunately, buffets in Syracuse taste bad, and I mean really bad. For a restaurant that has bad reviews, going for the ala carte is risky but as it turns out, the meal was delicious.

I ordered the Veg Thali that had 2 sabzis (Choley & Aloo Paneer), a daal (Daal Makhni), rice, a puri (pronounced poo-ree), raita (yogurt with some sliced vegetables & spices) and rice—$15. The other two friends ordered some non-vegetarian dishes. We all enjoyed the food and it continues to make us believe that buffet food is not as good as the freshly(?) prepared, ala carte meals. It’s been true for all Indian restaurants in Syracuse so far.

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