Veggie Taco @ Chipotle


For Indians in the US, Mexican food is as close as you can get to actual Indian food. Mexican food is cooked and has flavor. Chipotle’s popularity among Americans is proof of how much they prefer food that has flavor compared to horrible (and I mean really horrible) Soy patty burgers. Mexican food is usually accompanied by tacos or tortilla (they are like Indian roti but made of flour, not wheat). The tortilla wraps get messy while eating and hence I prefer the bowl.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had the veggie bowl (sometimes with the tortilla as side). Having had a bowl for dinner, I wanted to have something other than Chipotle but since friends wanted some Mexican food, I decided to try something new. (There’s not a lot options since it’s the same ingredients.) Anyway, I went for the Tacos with the same ingredients I have in bowl. It tasted good, more so because I’ve always had the bowl/tortilla—the hard shell tacos provided a nice change and feel to the whole thing since, well, they were hard shelled. Needless to say, I liked it.

Caution though, it is messy to eat as well. And not something I’d have more than once every two weeks. It’s for those times when you need something different. There’s the fajita veggies (sauted green pepper & oninon), Lettuce, white rice, black beans, mild and medium sauce and cheese.

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