Friendly’s: Healthy & unhealthy combo‏


Between a vegan cafe with good shakes and friendly’s it’s a tough choice even for a vegetarian. Since soy-patties is on my yuck-this-sucks-why-would-anyone-bother list, friendly’s it was.

My new strategy for vegetarian food in the US is choose the dish with max 1 non-veg ingredient + other good stuff and order it without the non-veg stuff. I did that last time with a chicken quesadilla minus the chicken; this time it is the crisp chicken wrap with tomatoes, lettuce some sauce and no chicken.

That was the healthy stuff.

The unhealthy part were the delicious waffle fries. They’re prepared differently than regular fries and even the Texas fries. Delicious though with the melting cheese. Friendly’s has them with bacon, which I forgot to tell them not to add but the our server was more than willing to get me a freshly prepared plate of waffle fries and cheese with no bacon. Add a mint chocolate chip milk shake and the total was $12. Good meal fwiw.

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